Hey, Everybody! We're getting married! If you want to know STUFF, this is the place to be!

The Elizabeth Yale and Nathan Willard Wedding Center (and F.A.Q.)


  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. How?
  6. umm...

1. Who?

1.1 Who is getting married?
Elizabeth Yale, Lover of words, hippos, children's books, and odd knowledge masquerading as a Historian of Science. Attempting to develop expertise in seventeenth century scientific manuscripts, a subject just obscure enough to be completely uninteresting to Hahvahd undergrads in her introductory history of science tutorials --they'd rather study important things like molecular biology. Once upon a time, Yale Bands president and astrophysicist. Will bake you a cake if you ask nicely.
Nathan Willard, minion at Funk Software in Cambridge, MA (formerly of Brain Saving Technologies, TurboWorx, Yale University, City High School, IGI, South East Junior High, Hoover Elementary, Happy Times Pre-School, 2603 Hillside Drive and Mercy Hospital of Iowa City), Trustee of North-Prospect United Church of Christ, Sigma Chi Chapter Adviser, all-purpose geek and baker of bread.
1.2 Who's marrying them?
The Rev'd Andrew C. Blume, deacon of the Episcopal Church and close personal friend of the bride (who favors his views on liturgy) and groom (who favors his views on tasty animals).
Also participating will be the Rev. Dr. Stephen Yale, father of the bride and minister of the Methodist Church.
With us in spirit will be the Rev. Adam Eckhart, minister of the United Church of Christ
1.3 Who else is involved?
Lots of people. We may put up bios of the wedding party, but we may not.
1.4 Who is Jean Willard, and why I am sending her things?
Nathan's sister. Beth's in England for a month, and, well, have you ever SEEN Nathan's apartment? We want to have some chance of actually knowing who replied. Despite having two kids under 7, Jean manages to keep a neater house than Nate....

2. What?

2.1 What should I wear?
Summer in Berkeley. Wear something nice, but comfortable.
2.2 Well, what will you wear?
Beth will be wearing a dress. Nathan won't be wearing a tux. If he can find a tailor, he will be wearing a bow tie. If it suits you, he encourages you to do the same.
2.3 What will I eat?
Salmon, Pork or side dishes (sorry, Matt, no veggie. sorry Steve, no burgers). Also, cake. And, beer. There will be wine, Beth wants to remind you. But, there will also be Beer!
2.4 Is Beth keeping her name?
Were your last name Yale, would you give it up?
2.5 What about Nathan?
Dude. He has four names already. He really doesn't need any more. Plus, if people laugh at the "Lord Haydn" bit, how do you think they'll react to "Lord Haydn Yale" or "Lord Haydn Willard-Yale"? Much like Beth, he also fancies his name, particularly whilst they reside in Massachusetts.
2.5 What will you be doing for a honeymoon?
Uh...Mayan ruins, when it's not winter there? Somewhere that will allow Nathan to get some more frequent flyer miles on American? A Shaolin temple?
2.6 What will the weather be like?
It's likely to be sunny and comfortably warm (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit).

3. When?

3.1 When is the wedding?
The wedding is Saturday, August 27, at 11 am. The reception begins immediately afterward.
3.2 When is the end of the wedding?
The reception will finish by 5 PM. There will be shenanigans afterwards for those into that sort of thing. That will likely not be us.
3.3 Hey, Weren't you getting married in November?
Yes. But now we're getting married in August.

4. Where?

4.1 Where is the wedding?
The wedding is at The Chapel of the Great Commission, in Berkeley, California.
Yes, well. 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709
4.3 I want a detailed satellite map of the area.
That's not a question. But, Okay.
4.4 Where is the reception?
The reception is at The Berkeley Faculty Club.
4.5 Where should I stay?
There is a room block at
The Hotel Durant
2600 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 845-8981

Also, there are a couple of rooms at the Faculty Club. The phone number is (510) 540-5678, in case you didn't decipher our clever numerical info-card puzzle. If no one's told you otherwise, those are the designated hotels.

5. How?

5.1 And you may ask yourself "How did I get here?"
5.2 And you may ask yourself "How do I get there?"
5.2.1 By airplane to Berkeley
The nearest airport is Oakland (airport code OAK). JetBlue and Southwest both sell tickets for reasonable prices. Flying into San Francisco (SFO) is also a solved problem, though fares are usually marginally higher.
5.2.2 Airports to the Hotel Durant or other area Hotels
The Bayporter runs shuttles for $44-$50 round-trip to Berkeley, depending on the airport. There are convenient and quick Bay Area Rapid Transit options, as well. If you want them, email info@nathan-beth.com and we'll put some stuff up.
5.2.3 Hotel Durant to Wedding
Easily walkable by people who walk places. You could probably do it in heels, though Nathan won't. Here's the general idea.
5.2.4 Wedding to Reception
It's basically back to the hotel, but not quite.

6. Umm...

6.1 Umm... I have more questions.
6.2 Umm... I want to RSVP, but lost my card
That's okay. Emailing rsvp@nathan-beth.com is fine. That goes to Jean, too.
6.3 Umm... Did you maybe have any other pictures I could look at?
Nathan did a lot of this page in a rush (blatantly stealing from http://www.jedrea.com/ (with permission), I might add). Soon.
6.4 Umm... I like to buy stuff. Do you like to buy stuff?
We do. Though we have sometimes been known to question the value of building up massive stockpiles of consumer goods, we feel sort of hypocritical because we really like oddly shaped cake pans and bowls with circus clowns on them. We've been known to shop at:
Shreve, Crump & Low
Sur La Table
6.4.1 Umm... I really like KNIVES. Is there a place I can buy KNIVES?